Geotechnical Services

Understanding ground conditions is fundamental to any development project large or small. We can provide a range of geotechnical services for foundation design and ground stability purposes.

Having good quality data is essential when designing foundations and this is in many ways one of the most fundamental parts of a construction project. It is critical that foundations are designed in a way that are appropriate for your construction project and importantly that they are suitable for the ground conditions specific to your site. This includes an appreciation of geohazards such as those arising from voids and mining activity as well as stability of any slopes that may be present.

What does a geotechnical investigation involve?

A geotechnical investigation can involve a very wide range of activities from a desk-based hazard appraisal, through geophysical investigations to drilling to depth to establish soil and/ or rock characteristics. The latter may include a range of techniques from window sampling through to rotary drilling into rock, with the technique and scope based on the anticipated geology and the structure to be built. Laboratory testing will be carried out as appropriate for the soil conditions and depending on what information is required.

A geotechnical investigation is not a case of just digging a shallow trial pit and taking a couple of samples to be analysed in the lab!

What services do we offer?

  • Desk based hazard appraisal
  • Geotechnical site characterisation
  • Geotechnical hazard appraisal
  • Slope stability investigation
  • Coal mining risk assessments
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