Waste Classification

We can provide cost effective waste classification of soils and other materials that need to go off site. Our waste classification reports are designed to correctly classify waste and prevent the liability and cost associated with poorly done classification.

With the cost of disposal of waste ever increasing, it is critical that materials are correctly classified.  It is a statutory requirement for waste to be characterised in accordance with The Landfill (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2005 and The revised Waste Framework 2008/98/EC. The waste producer has obligations to characterise the waste to determine if it has any hazardous properties.  

It is important to realise at this stage that Waste Classification is not WAC! Waste must undergo basic characterisation following the technical guidance Waste classification (WM3). This determines the waste composition, the concentration of hazardous substances in the material and therefore whether it will be classified as hazardous waste or non-hazardous waste and provide an European Waste catalogue (EWC) code. A condition acceptance at a landfill is that waste has had characterisation properly completed prior to acceptance. 

So what is WAC testing?

Waste classification is not the same as Waste Acceptance criteria (WAC). The data from one, is not applicable to the other. Landfills are classified according to what waste they can accept – hazardous, non-hazardous or inert. WAC testing determines the class of landfill the waste can be accepted at. However, WAC can only classify waste as inert, stable non-reactive or hazardous and consequently is only required for waste destined for these landfills.

Where waste is classified as non-hazardous the material may be sent to either non-hazardous or inert landfill depending on whether it passes or fails inert WAC. If the waste is classified as hazardous then WAC testing will be needed to determine whether it meets criteria for hazardous landfill or stable non reactive landfill. If it fails the criteria for hazardous landfill then it cannot be accepted and other options such as treatment will be required.

Waste Classification Heirarchy
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