Contaminated Land Expertise

Wesson Environmental specialise in cost effective contaminated land site investigation services, including desktop studies and soil testing.

We  have considerable experience in dealing with sites that may potentially be impacted by land contamination. We have regulatory and hands on experience developed through numerous projects from small single unit developments through to large sites of several hectares.

When dealing with contaminated land, it is essential that the appropriate methods and techniques are applied. We can guide you through this process drawing on our broad and varied experience.

We can provide a range of contaminated land survey and site investigation services.

These include initial desktop studies, soil sampling, soil testing and soil surveys, contaminated land risk assessments, as well as advising on options for dealing with contaminated land cost effectively. Our ground investigation services utilise a range of site investigation techniques that mean that when we carry out a soil investigation we use the most appropriate methods for your site.

This means that contaminated land investigations and subsequent remediation where required, is done in in a manner that complies with UK guidelines such as LCRM and BS10175. This is essential when dealing with a contaminated land planning condition or when buying/selling a site.

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Why use our contaminated land site investigation services?

  • We have many years of experience working on a variety of projects
  • We provide an honest appraisal of what is actually required
  • We utilise a risk based approach to contaminated land
  • We will only recommend work that is necessary
  • You benefit from us forming a good working relationship with the regulators
  • We will liaise with the regulators on your behalf to establish what they actually require
  • If we recommend further work, you are not obliged to use us to carry it out.
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Services we offer

Site investigations

What is a contaminated land site investigation? Why is it needed? What is involved?

Phase I Desktop Study

We provide quick, cost effective Phase 1 Desktop Study services to meet requirements of planning conditions or prior to property and land purchase.

Intrusive investigations

Intrusive Investigations follow on from the Desktop Study. This is when we physically carry out soil sampling and soil testing.

Other services we provide

  • Soil sampling and testing
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Human health & groundwater risk assessment
  • Remediation services
  • Review of existing reports
  • Soakaway tests

Latest news

5th October 2021

New Team Member!

Due to ever increasing work load we have now taken on a new team member Rachael Webb. Rachael is an Engineering Geology MSc graduate from University of Portsmouth.

27th August 2020


One of our more unusual site investigations has recently been completed. We were called out to a site where a helicopter had crashed some days previously, in the middle of…

20th September 2017

Rural and Farm Sites – Contaminated Land Issues

Over the years we have dealt with a lot of farm and rural sites. Whilst these may not be classified as brownfield land – the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)…

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